Working with results

Guides for how to download and use your results from

Downloaded results from
Downloaded results from provides data downloads in the form of a ZIP archive containing CSV files for each dataset in your project. Each CSV represents your original dataset with an additional cluster_id column that can be used to identify clusters.

The following are a few common operations that users perform after downloading their results.

Create a pivot table

Users of spreadsheet apps like Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets can create a pivot table on the cluster_id column to select the columns they’d like to view in each sheet.

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Merge tables in a spreadsheet app

Users of spreadsheet apps can merge multiple tables based on the common cluster_id column. Microsoft Excel users can use merge queries to join multiple tables, while Google Sheets users can install the third-party addon Merge Sheets.

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Join tables in a SQL database

Users of SQL databases like PostgreSQL and MySQL can import the files into tables and join them with a SQL JOIN operation on the cluster_id column.

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