Know how to code? Then you’re in luck! The mighty dedupe engine that powers is open source and free for all.

Python library

Fast, efficient, and powerful, the Python library is the nuts and bolts of dedupe. Python developers can use this library to dedupe on local machines and cloud services, or to build custom ETL solutions.

Head over to our developer documentation to learn more about the dedupe Python library, or view the source code on GitHub.

Web API (coming soon)

The dedupe web API allows you to dedupe in any language using a standard RESTful framework. With the web API, you can automatically reuse training from a session to match, merge, and link your data, allowing you to integrate the full power of into custom applications and data pipelines.

Pricing and developer documentation for the dedupe web API is coming soon. Subscribe to our mailing list and be the first to know when it becomes available.