Pay per row uploaded

We charge for based on the total number of rows you upload across all your datasets. Buy rows in bundles of 10k, 50k, 100k and 500k as you need them.

Bundle Rows Price
Free Trial 1,000 rows Free! Try it now!
Small 10,000 rows $100.00
$0.010 / row
Medium 50,000 rows $400.00
$0.008 / row
Large 100,000 rows $600.00
$0.006 / row
Jumbo 500,000 rows $2,000.00
$0.004 / row
Enterprise 1,000,000+ rows Contact us!

Pay per row details:

Bundles don’t expire
Multiple bundles can be purchased together
Rows will only be counted upon completion of de-duplication tasks

Monthly subscriptions

For ongoing usage of, monthly subscriptions are available. Pricing is determined based on amount of usage.

Monthly subscriptions include:

API access for ongoing matching
SQL integrations for working with big data


DataMade also offers the following add-on services as requested.

Add-on Description Price
Data consulting DataMade has extensive knowledge and experience in working with tricky and hard to clean-up datasets. We're happy to consult with you in working with your data. $200/hour
Custom parsers To improve the results of the, DataMade can build a custom probabilistic parser fine-tuned for your data. $2,000 per parser
Data preparation Do you need your data output to a specific format? DataMade can build a custom data processor so results can feed straight into your data pipeline. Contact us!

Ready to get started?

To sign up for a bundle of rows, send us an email: